I am a Full-Stack Game Developer with over 16+ years full time experience and over ~7000 hours doing contract/freelance work and founder of XGameDev

I have been working in Unity since 2012 (Unity 3.5) using the C# language, creating mobile, WebGL and desktop games/apps. Construct 2 is my preferred game engine for HTML5 games, animations, flash-to-html5 conversions and prototyping.

My passion is game development, not the game side, but rather the combination of all the technologies, from game design patterns, game mechanics, physics, audio, game play, game feel, psychology, social integrations, mobile, performance, everything!

I’m a firm believer in Cross-industry Innovation by combining knowledge from different industries and skills to deliver innovative solutions and solve complex problems.

My services:
● Any game genre: Educational, Casual, eSports, FPS, RPG, RTS, Endless Runners, Puzzle, Social, Card games, etc…
● Mobile/WebGL/Desktop Game Development using Unity and C#
● HTML5 Game/Animation Development using Construct 2 and PhaserJS
● Mobile app development using Ionic/AngularJS/Angular/TypeScript
● RESTful API development using PHP/MySQL or NodeJS/MongoDB
● Desktop application development using WPF, C#
● GIS Application Development using ESRI ArcGIS, Google Maps, HERE Maps, LeafletJS, Mapbox, Open Street Maps.
● Real-time multiplayer using Socket.io, Photon (PUN) or GameSparks.
● BaaS using GameSparks or Playfab.
● Integrations with Google Play Service, Game Center, Facebook, Twitter, or any custom 3rd party API.

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